Donating 100% of Profits to Stop Asian Hate

Last week, 8 lives were taken (6 women of Asian descent) in shootings targeting Asian spas. Our thoughts go to their families. We have been greatly upset and outraged by the continued surge in violence and xenophobia towards Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. This latest attack follows thousands of incidents targeting many Asian communities.

As Asian American women, we have also personally experienced bias, racism, and sexism throughout our lives.  We silently endured and didn't speak out for how wrong it really all was.  We had hoped that our children wouldn't have to experience the micro-aggressions and covert bias, but we're now all having to face brutal violence and overt hate.  

Like many others, we feel helpless. We asked ourselves - What can we do to make an impact? How can we help? With our products, we can help raise money and awareness.  So to support efforts in stopping hate and violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, we will be donating 100% of profits from sales from our website to Stop AAPI Hate (, starting today through Sunday March 28th.

Thanks in advance for your support,
Lisa and Anita