Why We Always Use Packing Cubes When We Travel For Work and For Play

When I told my friends and family that we were launching packing cubes, I was surprised that so many people had never tried them before!  With all the travel that Anita and I have done separately for work, with our families, and together, we are both firm believers in the benefits of packing cubes.  Here are some of the reasons we don’t travel without them:

Packing Cubes After Photo

  1. Organization for myself - Depending on the weather and the nature of my trip (business or fun), I’m usually a double medium + single long packing cube gal.  I typically use one medium packing cube for all my “nicer” outfits that I’m packing for the business meetings or events that I’m attending.  Or, if I’m going on tropical vacation, I use a medium for all the tanks, shorts, and casual dresses. Then, in the second medium packing cube, I pack all my workout capris, sports bras, tanks, pjs, and swimming suits.  Then I use the long packing cube to pack all my underwear, socks, and bras.
  2. Organization for families - When I’m packing for a family of five, I am able to use one packing cube for each kid’s clothes for the week.  Everything from pants, tops, underwear, socks, swimming suit, pjs, and an extra hoody fit in. So when we get to the hotel, each kid takes out their packing cube, puts it in a drawer, and they know how to find their clothes for the week.  There is no more digging through the suitcase to find their socks or their favorite tee!
  3. Avoid overpacking - I must say, using the packing cubes does allow me to avoid overpacking for all the trips we go on.  If it doesn’t fit in the cube, then I probably don’t need it!
  4. Saves space - Using a rolling technique instead of a straight fold, you can really squeeze a lot into the packing cubes.  And with the mesh design on top, you can squeeze out the air in the cube to compress the cubes even more. For me, it saves enough space in the suitcase for all my shoes on the other side - ask Anita, I don’t go on a trip without at least 4-5 pairs!  The photo below shows everything that I was able to pack into my one medium packing cube for my recent trip to Shanghai - 1 pair of leggings, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 dress, 1 long skirt, 4 short sleeve tops, and 3 tank tops.

Packing Cube Before Photo



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