What Ashley G. Packs In Her Kaleido Pouches

I first met Ashley Poirier through Parasol Co, where she designed three amazing diaper collections for our launch.  Her modern and abstract patterns always made me smile, and the way she uses very different shades of colors together in one piece never ceased to amaze me.  I was so excited when she agreed to help us launch our first collection of Kaleido Concepts prints. When we had a difficult time deciding which one of our prints would work well on our bags, we left it up to our friends, family, and fans to vote.  I was personally cheering with joy when Ashley’s pink, peach, mint, and blue pattern made the top three favorites.

Kaleido Concepts - Ashley G

I love learning about the artists who are behind the products that I buy, so we wanted to introduce you all to Ashley!  Here is a little insight into what inspired her to create this Pink Breeze print and what she puts in her Kaleido bags...

First, tell us a little bit about yourself & how you became an artist!

My name is Ashley Poirier (known professionally as Ashley G). I am an artist who lives in Portland, Oregon. I can usually be found painting abstract patterns and designing products. I am a self-taught artist that has been lucky enough to collaborate with a ton of amazing companies for a variety of projects from children’s books to ice cream packaging and from high fashion to planners.

What do you love about being an artist?  

I love that I get to express myself for a living and I love that it is usually a flexible job. Being creative every day is a luxury I never take for granted.

Where do you go to feel inspired?  Or is there a type of music that helps you feel inspired?

Outside is definitely where I go to feel inspired. Something as simple as a nature walk always act like a nice creative warm-up. Antique stores and bookstores have also always been a go to for me.

Favorite place to travel?

Back home to visit family and friends. And for me, back home is in Missouri.

Ice cream or french fries?

Both? If I had to cream

Kaleido Concepts - Pink Breeze Print

What was the inspiration for this design?

This pattern was really about exploring color and shape and creating a pattern that had movement.

Why are you excited to work with us on Kaleido Concepts travel products?

I’m excited because I love and hoard pouches and travel bags! I don’t have a ton of patterns or exciting colors in my daily wardrobe or in my home, so accessories are always where I like to take risks and have some fun.

What are some of your must-have travel essentials?

Several pouches of different sizes. I like to organize different areas of my life in each one. I put my tech in one (chargers, headphones, etc), bath and beauty products in another. A small one with first aid supplies and medicine that I can toss in my bag when I’m out for the day. Another one with protein bars and gum. I’m an over-packer so pouches 1) help me find what I’m looking for quickly and 2) help limit the things I take. If it doesn’t fit in the designated pouch, I don’t take it.

Backpack or tote?

That’s a good question! It depends on the trip. For an easy carry-on I would use the tote. For a road trip or when there is a lot of walking, then a backpack.

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