Tiffany Wong Talks About Her New Print & Finding Inspiration During The Pandemic

Tiffany Wong Artist

I think I first discovered Tiffany Wong’s work on Instagram because she also makes a ton of home goods and stationery products in super cute food categories (think boba, ramen, pizza, sushi and tacos).  As a surface pattern and graphic designer who specializes in all things fun, Tiffany has mastered the art of creating repeat patterns that are versatile, fresh and friendly.  That is why we are so excited to introduce her Pacific Palms print as our newest Kaleido Concepts print - now being offered on our face masks. 

Pacific Palms Kaleido Concepts Print

As we are all socially distanced and not doing much traveling these days, we asked Tiffany about how she finds inspiration now that she is spending a lot of time at home in Toronto, Canada.  

First, tell us a little bit about yourself & how you became an artist! 

My name is Tiffany Wong and I am a surface pattern designer living in Toronto, Canada. Design has always been my love. My background is in apparel design, which I worked for several years until I eventually felt like I wanted to focus more on the creative part of being a designer. I discovered surface design and taught myself to create repeat patterns and about 3 years later, here I am today licensing my own designs to wonderful companies and started a collection of products that I sell myself!

What is your favorite medium as an artist?  

All my designs are created digitally with my ipad pro.

Place you are dreaming of traveling to (after the pandemic)?

I’ve been dying to go to Singapore since Crazy Rich Asians came out!  I love Asia and would love to go back! I have always wanted to join a safari tour in Africa and see the amazing animals and nature.

When you did travel, what were your travel must-haves that you always brought with you?

Earbuds, a compact tote or backpack for everyday use and to throw all my knick knacks in there, and a reusable water bottle. These are my travel essentials for sure!

Now that we are spending more time at home, where do you draw your inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration did come from my travel experiences, so now that has changed, I have been gathering a lot of inspiration from local nature around me I have never explored before. This includes local beaches, parks, hiking trails and natural attractions.

What was the inspiration behind this design? 

This design is part of a collection of patterns that was inspired by tropical retreats and more specifically focusing on the décor and mood you get when you are at a resort. For anyone who loves beaches, I’m sure they feel that relaxing mood when they see palm leaves.

Boba or Ice cream (question inspired by your pins)?

This is too hard to choose! However, I have to choose boba only because I don’t get to enjoy it that often, so I definitely crave it more!

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