How Kaleido Packs For A Summer Vacation & A Free Packing List Printable

How do you get ready for long trip?  I make lots of lists. I used to make long lists in my notebook, and then I tried to go digital for a couple trips… I tried winging it without lists on one trip and it was annoying when I realized that I had no toothpaste, no sunscreen, and the wrong bra for my outfit.  

Now that we have this travel bag brand, I am constantly testing out new products and thinking about how to travel more efficiently.  How do I pack light, yet have everything I need for a week or more? How can I use pouches to organize everyone’s stuff so that I can find them and access them easily?  My solution: A Kaleido Concepts packing list with a pre-populated thoughtful list of everything you might need for this summer’s big trip!

Click here to download the free packing list printable

Kaleido Concepts Packing List Free Printable

It’s organized a little like how I think:

  1. I always check the weather before I go on a trip, so you can use the blank boxes to write in the temperature or draw in the weather.  You could also draw a little icon for what you are planning to do that day - beach day, on the plane, wedding, etc.
  2. Then use the little bullets to plan out your outfit (so you don’t overpack!)
  3. Use the bottom section to remind yourself to pack all the extra stuff you need to make your trip a success - the international outlet converter, hat for beach, insect repellant if you are going somewhere tropical, and your Kaleido convertible tote bag or convertible backpack of course!


**If you are traveling for more than 7 days, just print another sheet!


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