A spotlight our Kaleido community - with gather store owner, Daisy McClellan

Today I wanted to introduce you all to a woman founder, a mom of two, who is also a part of our amazing Kaleido community.  She shares our love for travel and Kaleido bags, and even carries our line in her gather store in San Francisco.   Everyone say hello to Daisy McClellan.  She and her husband own gather in SF, where they foster an engaging shopping experience that provides a meaningful connection to featured craftsmen and women through a curated selection of unique local and hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, home goods, and gifts. 

gather SF owners

As a business owner who travels for work, as well as with her family, we sat down and interviewed Daisy for the inside scoop on her store and how she uses her Kaleido bags.  

First, tell us about your store and the types of products you curate for your customers.

At gather we sell local and independently made goods. We sell handmade jewelry, small batch clothing and bags, ethically made gifts and more.

What was the inspiration behind opening up your own business?

I wanted to own a shop where people came in and felt better about themselves. We have a decal on the floor right when you walk in the shop that says "You are exactly where you need be" which makes customers smile and sets the tone for the shop. If I can help you feel more confident by helping you select a dress for a party or help you find a gift and tell you the store of how it was made then I feel happy and more connected to my community. I'm not curing cancer or building rockets but I definitely feel like I've found what I truly love in owning this business and than makes me feel extremely grateful.

Kaleido Concepts at the gather SF store

What are some of your must-have travel essentials that you carry in your Kaleido bags when you travel for business?

When I travel for business I always make sure to have extra pens (because they are like socks...where do they go!?), a notebook for doting down my ideas before I forget them, and business cards in my cute card holder that my friend got me for my birthday that says "Boss Lady".

I’ve seen you carrying your Kaleido bags on the plane and through the airport - do you have a favorite thing about the bags?

My favorite them about the bags are the prints. They stand out and make me smile. When I encounter customers who are afraid of prints I encourage them to get out of the comfort zone and step away from the sea of greys and blacks everyone else gravitates towards. We only live once so I think we should be playful with our clothing and accessories.

Where are your favorite places to travel with your family?  Any tips for moms when traveling with kids?

I love going to the beach but my husband is an avid skiier so we are constantly negotiating where we should take our next trip! And traveling with kids is hard! Mine are 1 and 3 and every time after we travel with them I always say "ok, let's not do that again for a while!" Ha! To make it easier I travel with lots of snacks, and toys/games they've never played. Oh and a glass of wine after they go to sleep!

 Any words of advice to others who might be thinking about opening up their own store?

I'd say start small and reach out to other shop owners so that can build yourself a little community of support. It is incredibly hard in today's retail climate so you need all the help you can get!

Fun fact about you?

At least once a year I take a trip with my best friend. We've gone on over 20 trips now! We have such amazing memories and I always look forward to exploring a new city with her.

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